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Piccadilly Station
near Platform 3, Manchester, GB

Lavinia Greenlaw
Audio Obscura

Lavinia Greenlaw  Audio Obscura
It seems to be a timely reminder that, even among the noise of Facebook, Twitter and iPod playlists, a lonely station remains a place where you can still get lost in your thoughts. For half an hour of this festival, though, it’s really worth getting lost in everybody else’s.’


Part sound-art, part poetry, part radio play, Audio Obsucra let audiences in on the secret life of Manchester’s Piccadilly Station, the gateway to the city, Lavina Greenlaw’s words ran a line from the innermost thoughts of the passengers directly to the ear of her audiences – with moving, haunting and occasionally humorous results.

Commissioned and produced by Manchester International Festival and Artangel.

Artangel gratefully acknowledges the generous support of Emmanuel Roman.


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Free half-term activity at The Biospheric Project

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