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Recruitment for volunteers at MIF13 has now closed.

Since opening the recruitment for volunteers in January 2013 we have had over 750 applications – nearly double the figure of how many volunteers we need! The enthusiasm and passion from all of the applications has been great and we love that so many Greater Manchester residents want to get involved and help out at MIF13.

It has been a pleasure to read applications from people representing all walks of life, wanting to help represent our fabulous city.

We wish that we could bring everyone onboard but there are 400 places to fill.

Please do not be discouraged if we cannot bring you on board – it is just because of the sheer volume of applications we have received. There are still plenty of tickets available and please continue to support the Festival in spreading the good word.

We will be opening up the recruitment for MIF 2015 in January 2015 so get in quick if you want to be involved next time!

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time out to apply to volunteer at MIF13. Everyone will hear either way by Mon 13 May 2013.

If you have any queries or questions please contact the Volunteer Team directly on the following email address: volunteering@mif.co.uk

MIF News

River of Fundament in America, Australia, Germany and around the world.

River of Fundament in America, Australia, Germany and around the world.

Read the latest news from our Apprentice Producer Tricia Coleman as she attends the European premiere in Munich.

The xx tours to New York

The xx tours to New York

First performed at MIF13.

Join the MIF team

Join the MIF team

Manchester International Festival has a vacancy.

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